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Product Intro:
NOELSON™ UG series of silicon, crystalline silicon system, used high quality quartz mines, through advanced melting, accomplished with grinding and classification process. Granularity practices control, size distribution uniform, and quality to meet international standards, can be competed with any international brand products. At present, we can provide the corresponding international known brand name similar type products well-known international brands of similar models, to meet the comprehensive needs of international and domestic corporations. Now we are one of the best suppliers of supplying series of products in the region of China. Product executive standard: NS/Q SP2006.

Silicon Powder Manifestations Silicon Powder Silicon Powder Application Silicon Powder Application
Silicon Powder Manifestations Silicon Powder Silicon Powder Application Silicon Powder Application

Product Type:
UG-800M/UG-1250M/UG-2000M/UG-3000M/UG-5000M include TG, NG series products.

Chemical & Physical Index:
Item Product Technical data
SiO2 ≥99.00%
Al2O3 ≤0.30%
Fe2O3 ≤0.05%
TiO2 0.001%
K2O / Na2O / CaO /MgO ≤0.10%
ignition lose heavy 0.20%
specific surface area m2/g 0.60-4.00 (differ fineness, differ specific surface area)
Oil absorption valueg/100g 30-40 (differ fineness, differ oil absorption)
PH 7
whiteness 90-95 (according to customer actual requirement)
Mohs’ hardness 7
Moisture % ≤0.10
specific gravity % 2.65+0.1
remarks the basic data for the above approximate value of the actual product, allowing within 5% error range

Product Performance & Application:
Product feature:High product purity, low loss on ignition, high melting point, high hardness, good insulation, large specific surface area, have excellent effect of abrasion resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent chemical inertness, besides of HF acid it does not react with any other substance.
Product application:1) In the field of paints, UG series of silicon surface hardness reach Mohs 7, fill in the paint coating, reasonable match with the resin system can significantly improve product surface hardness, to improve the performance of scratch resistance and scrub resistance, specially apply to industrial maintenance coatings. As it has the thermal stability softening point of 1700℃ characteristic, it can significantly improve the performance of thermal stability and fire resistance of the product, especially suitable for heat resistant coatings, paints, fire retardant coating. High purity silicon dioxide composition, it has a strong chemical stability, can significantly improve product acid-base resistance, anti-corrosion performance, particularly for anti-corrosion coatings production, used for the construction under the wicked environment. Good dispersion can enhance the spray effect of coating, the unique physical structure to enable them to integrate very well with the resin system. It is widely used in heat resistant coatings, fire retardant coatings, insulated paint, industrial anticorrosive paint, powder coatings, coil coatings and other industrial maintenance coatings. Our newly developed NG series, mainly used in water-based coating system to effectively prevent the silicon in this system there has been compaction problems. 2) In the field of rubber, silicon powder used to replace expensive white carbon black, played a very good reinforcement effect, in the application of silicon rubber, can significantly reduce production costs, enhance products wear resisting, scratch resistance, thermal stability, corrosion, insulation and other performance. 3) In the field of engineering plastics, mainly used in engineering plastics modification, the plastic has a very good enhancement, toughening effect, replace of glass fiber, greatly reducing production costs, improve product appearance and reduce the shrinkage deformation rate, improve dimensional stability and heat deflection temperature, chemical resistance, anticorrosion performance and machining property; improve tensile strength, resist flexural strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, thermal stability and electrical insulation properties. 4) In other areas of electronics, we have another supply of specialized products to meet customer needs in different areas.
Technical & Business Service:
NOELSON™ brand fine powder products, best product quality, particle size practices, uniform color, price competitiveness Besides of product supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical  and business to all clients.

25kg/bag, 1MT/bag, 18-20MT/20’FCL