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Product Intro:
Glass Flake used alkali glass (C glass) or boron silicate glass (E glass) as raw material, adopt melting into and blowing with high temperature. The slice thickness of Glass flake about 5μm, diameter in between 10-400um diameter called minuteness slice diameter product, between 400—1000μm called medium slice diameter product, bigger than 1000μm called big slice diameter product. NOELSON™ brand glass flake series product, is Noelson Chemicals introduce from international advanced technology production at the soonest, our product quality control is very strict, is a few glass flake supplier which can meet the international standard in Asia-Pacific region. All the time, our products has been approved by many international institute, also accepted by most famous national and multinational corporations both at home and abroad, have strong competitiveness in domestic and overseas market.

Glass Flake Manifestations Glass Flake Molecular Structure Glass Flake Application Glass Flake Application
Glass Flake Manifestations Glass Flake Electron Microscopy Glass Flake Application Glass Flake Application

Product Type:
NOELSONTM F-20M/80M/120M/180M/300M/600M/800M etc
NOELSONTM NCF-600/NCF-140/NCF-160/NCF-015/NCF-1160/NCF-2260/NCF-2300 etc.
PG750M/PG300M/PG100M etc
Chemical & Physical Index:
Item Index Item Index


1-3μm etc.

Particle Size Distribution

From1700-45 μm
Different particle with different models

Specific gravity(specified temperature)

Adv. 1.53-2.52



Flash point


Compression/ Extension strength (Mpa)


Melting point
(C type Glass)

1200 OC

Melting point
(E type Glass)

1350 OC

Chemical composition(C type Glass Flake)

SiO2 65-70
CaO 4-9 Na2O+K2O 9-13
Al2O3  2-6
MgO 0-5
ZnO 1-6

Chemical composition(E type Glass Flake)

SiO2 52-56
CaO 20-25
Na2O+K2O ≤0.8
Al2O3  12-18
MgO 0-5
ZnO ~

Product Performance & Application:
Strong corrosion resistance, with good performance of chemical corrosion resistance, especially sour-corrosion resistance is very extraordinary.
Good property of ageing resistance, its property of ageing resistance better than other coatings.
Good performance of heat resistance, small thermal coefficient of expansion, good wear resisting property.
Product with good application compatibility, with various resin constitute anticorrosive paint. Glass flake because of its special structure and excellent corrosion resistance, generally used for the heavy anticorrosion coatings and lining materials, so as to achieve the purpose of resistance to corrosion medium penetration.
Glass flake with various system of resin can be made into coatings, cement gum, widely apply to: oil tank and gas canisters, chemical industrial field of pipeline, drainage pool and corrosion resistant mechanical equipment, ocean drilling oil platform, marine coatings, desulfurization devices of large coal-fired power plants.
Widely apply in the field of chemical fiber, engineering plastic and pearl pigment.
Glass flake and glass fiber, glass beads of powder materials mixed use, can greatly improve the performance of engineering plastics.
Product executive standard: China National standard/Japan, United Kingdom, U.S.A.glass flake standard/Noelson Chemicals NS-Q/GF2005 standard.

Technical & Business Service:
Besides of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logistic service to all clients. NOELSON™ brand micro-powder and special pigment series products, always been the symbol of best quality and best service in the industry.

10,20,25Kg/Bag, 6-20Ton/20’Fcl