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Product Intro:
GP-100 glass dust and GP-200 transparent powder, using high-quality high-purity raw materials, accomplished by special processing. This product is transparent or translucent white powder, fine particle size, has a good wetting property for all kinds of resin, also has a good affinity with other components of the coating system, adsorption performance can be more evenly distributed in the film surface to improve the film hardness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance properties, also has acid resistant, chemical resistance and electric arc resistance characteristics. Product executive standardğ NS-Q/GP2006.

Glass Fine Powder Manifestations Glass Fine Powder Glass Fine Powder Application Glass Fine Powder Application
Glass Fine Powder Manifestations Glass Fine Powder Glass Fine Powder Application Glass Fine Powder Application

Product Type:
GP-100 glass dust /GP-200 transparent powder

Chemical & Physical Index:
Item Technical data Remarks
Appearance White powder  
chemical composition Si02 based inorganic compound  
whiteness 90-95  
specific surface area m2/g  2.5-4.0. Differ fineness, differ specific surface area
PH 6-8  
Oil absorption valueg/100g 25-40 Differ fineness, differ oil absorption
moisture % ≤0.3  
hardness (Mohs) 5-7  
refractive index 1.49-1.52  
specific gravity g/cm3 2.30-2.65  

Product Performance & Application:
Have good light stability, and good acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, flux-resistance, water-fast and oil resistivity.
Improve the abrasion-resistant, scratch resistance and smooth surface of the paint film, have good wetting property for resin base stock, make it easy to disperse the particles, have good wetting dispersion for epoxy resin, polyester resin, and the formation of tightly packed, suitable for a transparent primer, especially clear and transparent primer, clear transformation of grinding, hardness with transparency.
Can be used for transparent wood coatings and other furniture paint, plastic paint coating, powder coating, organic silicon transparent coatings and automobile paint, UV curing paint, polyester paint, polyurethane paint, PE/PE/NC transparent wood coating, acrylic paint and all kinds of industrial anti-corrosion and heat resistant coatings, also apply to engineering plastics and rubber industries. In the matte varnish paint, can improve the varnish film fullness, touch, and reduce the amount of matte powder, to enhance its transparency, it is recommended dosage of 4-8%; add in the amount of high-grade transparent primer recommended for a 5-20%.
In ink, adhesive, add the appropriate amount, can improve product combination property, lower the cost.
The qualification of the product has reached the advanced level in Inland and can be substituted with similar imported products.

Technical & Business Service:
NOELSON™ brand fine powder products, product quality best, particle size practices, color uniform, price competitiveness. Besides of product supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical and business services for all clients.NOELSON brand fine powder and special pigment products, always been the symbol of best quality and best service in the industry.

10 or 25kg/compound paper bag or woven bag, 14-16MT/20’FCL.